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The Phoenix Habitat project by Bewell Global Team., led by Celal Arslan, is an innovative initiative designed as an ideal production village aimed at fostering sustainable living and agriculture in South Sudan. This model village combines eco-friendly housing, modern agricultural techniques, and renewable energy sources to create a self-sustaining community. Its goal is to provide displaced families with a blueprint for resilient and autonomous living, improving food security, education, and quality of life through integrated development strategies.

Absolutely mesmerizing! This animation showcases a stunning urban development project along the banks of the Nile River, designed by Bewell Global for Khartoum Municipality. The blend of dining spaces including restaurants, cafes, and fast food outlets alongside children's play areas and a mini concert space for youth, truly caters to everyone. The addition of a cable car connecting to Toti Island is the cherry on top, promising unique views and experiences. This environmental landscaping project is not just a plan but a vision for a lively, engaging community space. Brilliant work!

In this video, we unveil a remarkable mosque design by Deltayapi, where modernity meets the rich heritage of Ottoman Islamic architecture. Join us as we explore the innovative blend of tradition and contemporary elements in this architectural masterpiece. Witness how Deltayapi pays homage to the timeless beauty of Islamic design while embracing the future. Don't miss this captivating journey of architectural excellence

Stunning visualization by Bewell Global for Khartoum Municipality! This project transforms an area into a desert oasis, with its market-style shopping center, ample dining options, extensive parking, and public food stalls. The inclusion of children's play areas and relaxation zones enhances its family-friendly appeal. The design's standout feature, river-like pools weaving throughout, adds a refreshing touch to the desert landscape. A true oasis in the making, promising a vibrant and inviting community space. Can't wait to see this project come to life!

Our precision agriculture project, called Sinnar AgroTech, incorporates self-driving vehicles and tractors with GPS technology to increase efficiency and yield. These machines use satellite navigation and other sensors to track fields and identify areas that require special attention, resulting in more efficient and precise use of resources. Sinnar AgroTech also collects real-time data about soil health and other environmental factors, which can be used to optimize future planting and harvesting cycles. Our project is committed to contributing to sustainable and environmentally responsible farming practices.

Enthralling animation of the International Friendship Park, masterfully designed by DeltaYapi Co. Ltd., under the aegis of Bewell Global, for Sudan. This project is a testament to innovative architecture and thoughtful urban planning. Inspired by the majestic pyramids found in Sudan, the design integrates historical elements with modern facilities, creating a unique space in the heart of the desert. Featuring restaurants, ample parking, public food stalls, children's play areas, and relaxation zones, all surrounded by picturesque pools, this park is set to be an oasis of leisure and cultural fusion. A remarkable initiative to bridge communities and celebrate international friendship in Sudan's landscape. Absolutely looking forward to its realization!

We are thrilled to announce the successful inauguration of our massive Yarn, Fabric, Weaving, and Dyeing Factory in Al Gazira State, Sudan, a monumental project brought to life by our dedicated team at Deltayapi Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Bewell Global. The opening ceremony was a significant event, made even more memorable by the esteemed presence of the President of Sudan, underscoring the importance of this venture to the region's development. We are immensely proud to share that, due to our project's outstanding performance, our team was honored with an award, graciously accepted on our behalf by our founder and owner, Mr. Celal Arslan. This recognition is not just for our company but for every team member who contributed to this project. On this meaningful day, we felt an overwhelming sense of pride in our work and its impact on Sudan's industrial landscape. A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved!

Thrilled to share our latest project: a beautiful park along the Nile, crafted by Deltayapi Co. Ltd., a proud subsidiary of Bewell Global. This park is not just a space but a community hub, complete with the Bomani Restaurant, extensive parking, public food stalls, children's play areas, and serene spots for relaxation. Adding to our joy, our esteemed leader, Celal Arslan, was featured on the national Blue Nile TV morning show, where he shared our positive visions for Sudan and detailed the collaborative effort behind this magnificent park. The live broadcast was a golden opportunity to showcase our commitment to enhancing community spaces in Sudan. We're proud to contribute to the region's development and foster a sense of unity and peace.

Recently, Istanbul hosted a significant conference on the development of Sudan, where Mr. Celal Arslan, the founder and owner of Bewell Global, took an active role as a speaker. In his presentation, he emphasized the critical role of agriculture and agro-based industries as the driving forces in Sudan's development. Highlighting innovative strategies and sustainable practices, Mr. Arslan shed light on the potential for transformative growth in the region. It was an enlightening discussion, underscoring the importance of focusing on agriculture to propel Sudan towards a prosperous future. Proud to witness such insightful contributions to the conversation on Sudan's progress.

How Dams Produce Electricity - Animation explaining how hydroelectric energy/ power is generated from dams.

GE's TM2500+ gas turbine generator set provides 29MW+ of mobile power, wherever and whenever it is needed.

More and more countries of the world are beginning to use alternative energy sources, including solar. Therefore, modest rooftop panels are being replaced by "solar farms" spread over vast areas. So, the fourth-largest solar power plant in the world, Benban Solar Park is located in Egypt, covers an area of 37 square kilometers, and generates a capacity of 1,650 MW. In third place is Shakti Sthala, located in the city of Pavagada in India. Its area is 50 square kilometers and has a capacity of about 2000 MW. The second is the Chinese Hainan Solar Park. It consists of 672 photovoltaic arrays and produces 2,200 MW. What is the largest solar power plant in the world and how is it arranged?

The Earth intercepts a lot of solar power: 173,000 terawatts. That’s 10,000 times more power than the planet’s population uses. So is it possible that one day the world could be completely reliant on solar energy? Richard Komp examines how solar panels convert solar energy to electrical energy.

Every 24 hours, wind generates enough kinetic energy to produce roughly 35 times more electricity than humanity uses each day. And unlike coal or oil, this resource is totally renewed each day. So how can we harness this incredible amount of energy, and is it possible to create a world powered entirely by wind? Rebecca Barthelmie and Sara Pryor dig into the science of wind turbine technology.

Working of a wind turbine is illustrated in this video with the help of animation. The topic covered are blade design, use of brake, velocity sensor, yawing mechanism, blade tilting, wind turbine efficiency and Betz's limit.

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